If this is the first time buying a home or it’s been a while since your last purchase, we find that clients are happy to get a primer or refresher on the topic. Like planning for a wedding, buying a home can be a stressful and emotional time in your life but reflecting on the experience, it’s an incredibly rewarding and joyful accomplishment.

Blackacre Properties is your fiduciary, acting in your best interest at all times, and guiding you through the home buying process. We advocate for you through all of the steps, working tirelessly to ensure you’re well prepared for closing day.

To get you to the closing table, we partner with an experienced team of real estate professionals from lenders to attorneys to home inspections to tradespeople to ensure you have the best team in your corner.

Below we lay out the roadmap for your home purchase. Notice that Step 1 is to get a lender pre-approval letter, ideally before your first open house. In today’s competitive market, offers won’t even be considered by sellers unless accompanied by proof that the buyer has the funds or will be able to get the funds to purchase their home. The pre-approval letter accomplished this.

Shant Banosian of Guaranteed Rate is one of our preferred lenders and we’ve known him personally for over 30 years. When you’re ready to start the home buying process, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with Shant so you can get your pre-approval – we can even get this done over the weekend.