Investment Properties

Investment Properties

Investment Properties

Real estate investing is a proven way to build wealth in the United States.  This is because investors have multiple ways to actively create value.  Real estate investing compares favorably to stock market investing where you have little influence over a company’s success.

6 Ways to Create Wealth Through Real Estate

  1. Excess cash flow when rent income exceeds expenses
  2. Forcing appreciation by making repairs and improvements
  3. Price increases because of improving economic conditions
  4. Reducing the debt owed by paying the mortgage down
  5. Reduced taxes from the mortgage interest and depreciation deductions
  6. Finally, using leverage to enhance your returns

Deal Flow

Blackacre has access to HUD inventory and can bid on your behalf.  We’ll get you into the property and work with you to formulate a bidding strategy.

Analyzing Deals

We work with investors to find and evaluate deals.  Whether you invest for yield or total return, we can calculate your potential return and help find your next property.  Below is an example of a deal we looked at for a client – we’ve analyzed hundreds of multi-family properties and can direct you to the areas of Massachusetts that meet your minimum acceptable return.

Here is an example of a two-family that was for sale as an investment property or house hack.  It had a 16% cash-on-cash return using conservative assumptions and an 8% cap rate.  Lawrence – 119 Andover Street – 2 Family.