HUD Homes

A HUD Home is a 1-4 family home owned by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) acquired through a foreclosure proceeding.

HUD offers their homes for sale through daily online auctions at HUD Home Store.  Properties are first offered to owner-occupants for an exclusive period and then the auction opens up to investors.

Buyers must place their bids through a HUD-registered broker.  Blackacre Properties LLC has been an authorized bidder since 2018. 

Learn the Pros and Cons of buying a home from an institutional seller

Buying a HUD Home

Shopping for a HUD Home is a new process for many.  First of all, the home will be vacant and secure.  There will be a padlock on the front door and “no trespassing” notices in the windows.  Next, the electricity and water will be off (so flashlights are a good idea).  Finally, once inside, the home will be completely free of furnishings, belongings, and sometimes appliances.

Our best advice when evaluating a HUD Home – bring your imagination!  Try to picture the possibilities and what it would look and feel like with your finishes and furnishings.

HUD’s home buying process is easy and predictable:

  • All homes are vacant and clear of furnishings and clutter
  • A HUD selling agent (like Blackacre) can show the property by appointment
  • Every home comes with a Property Condition Report outlining the functionality of the home’s systems
  • All homes are on HUD Home Store for daily auction bidding
  • Home inspections are available within 15 days of having a signed contract
  • Blackacre can provide Comparative Market Analysis reports to help determine the market value

HUD Homes come in “as is” condition without warranty – no repairs are made before closing.  And HUD is exempt from Massachusetts’ smoke and carbon monoxide detector law.

HUD Homes