What Does Blackacre Mean?

“What does Blackacre mean?” is a common question we get.  Our response: “Ask a lawyer!”

Actually, don’t because their answer will be long, boring, and expensive.

In property law, “Blackacre” is the standard placeholder name used to describe a fictitious piece of property.  Its the equivalent of John Smith, Acme Company, and 123 Main Street.

A bar exam question might read:

Anthony, owner of a fee simple in Blackacre conveyed the property “to Bono for life, remainder to Claire, provided that if any person should consume alcohol on the property before the firstborn son of Claire turns 21, then the property shall go to Diana in fee simple.” Assume that neither Bono, Claire, or Diana is an heir of Anthony and that Anthony’s only heir is his daughter, Emma.  Discuss the ownership interests in Blackacre of A, B, C, D, and E.

Let’s Find Your Blackacre

Our job is to help you buy, sell, and lease your very own “Blackacre” – from single family to multi-family, condo to an apartment, luxury to distressed – you’re in good hands.  We want to be your go-to real estate broker and we’ll work diligently to exceed your expectations.  If you think you’re ready to start – contact us – and rest assured we’re a no-pressure kind of firm.