The rules for AirBNB hosts in Boston just became more clear.

The short-term rental facilitator recently settled a suit with the City of Boston.

AirBNB hosts who rent their properties for less than 28 days must register with the City of Boston and will receive a registration number (issued by Inspectional Services) which must be included in the online listing.

Units eligible to be rented:

Owner-occupied units (condo or single-family home)

Landlords with a secondary unit in their own building (a room or separate apartment)

The main point is that the homeowner must be present. Investors, absentee landlords, and tenants are prohibited from renting out units for less than 28 days.

Host requirements:

  • Obtain a business certificate from the City Clerk
  • Post signs identifying the location of fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and fire exits
  • Notify abutters (any residential dwelling within 300 feet) that your home has been registered as a short-term rental within 30 days of being issued the license

Short-term Rental Resources:

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